GAF Clip

New product.

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2kw Dimmer

Ideal for dimming Quasar LED tubes.

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New Product – I-Light Portable LED Light

Unit can be joined to allow two units.

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See the new Neo2 with built-in SFX.

Check out the details Here!

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Quasar Science comes  to Australia and will be nationally available  through John Barry Group headed up by Ian Linton of Psycholites. We already have some Packages as below.

Quasar Science has been very popular on individual production , also in the race way of Adelaide Oval for sports, film clips and others. Today we received the first shipment of battery Qleds of which several units have been presold, also with the Mathews My Plate system pioneered by Quasar science. We wait the release of their New RGB color tunable LED tubes at the end of October.

Wolf  Creek Series Two, Kino Flo 6 bank retrofit of a 4 bank four ft and also 4 tube retro 2ft  4bank for gaffer Richard Rees Jones with much acolades from DOP Geoff Hall.

Also the use of Fomex Fl600 and Fl1200 flexible panels which made their debut on the feature Mumbai Hotel also for gaffer Richard Rees Jones. Some gallery pictures will be available soon. They now have a soft box front, grid and Lite Ball for both models and we are involved with their future development and other models to  be available.

These are in use on many productions including My Kitchen Rules and Home and Away and by many individual gaffers and DOP’s.

We also have had great success with the TGL line of Lucas 50, 100 and 200. Many gallery pictures will follow and await the delivery of DOP snap bags and grids in the next few weeks.

The TGL softlights have already gained recogntion in Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane, also available to see first hand at Village Roadshow Studios Panavision / John Barry’s office on the lot.

A new wand similar to previous Icelights and others is also now available and has an interchangeaable  Lseries style battery in the handle and is able to be extended to double in length as Light Sabre, pictures will be available as the website progresses.

A new website is appearing as a day to day progession and will showcase these products.

All of the above products are already available for rental in Adelaide and Melbourne and demonstration units will be available.

Hire Adelaide Film, Video, Photographic and TV Lighting, Grip, Consumables  and Australia wide Fomex, Quasar Science, TGL leds, light wands.


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