HMI Lighting

For your convenience this hire price list is in PDF format and can be printed directly from this page. For a full price list of all items CLICK HERE.

All prices are recommended and long term hires, students, production packages by negotiation. Please call 0411 112211 for your production requirements.

Prices do not include GST. Please note rental conditions apply.

NOTE: All hire pricing is per day unless otherwise indicated.

5600k Daylight

HMI Lighting Hire

12k Fresnel


6k Fresnel


6k PAR




15kw light output.

4k Fresnel Strand


15kw tungsten light output.

2.5k PAR Strand


10kw tungsten light output.

2.5k Fresnel


10kw tungsten light output.

1.2k Fresnel


5kw tungsten light output.

1.2k PAR


5kw tungsten light output.

575w ARRI X


Great daylight window floor or area flood.

575w PAR


2k tungsten light output. Low power consumption.

12v Inverter


250w Sachtler Battery


125w Sachtler